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Covid-19 Home Practice III

Staying indoors means less space for your Taiji practice, but according to the people of the Chen village if you have enough space for a cow to lie down you have enough space to train Chen Taiji (real cow not needed, use your imagination)
You can work on your silk reeling, you can take either single movements or small sections of the form and repeat to better understand them. This is referred to as zhao - to research, as Tain Jinmiao says " To learn the movements of a taolu (form) is easy, but to do it right and to do it well is not easy... that is, to understand the complexities and right execution of each movement."
So to get you started here is Master Wang again to take you through single hand silk reeling, the foundation exercise

Covid-19 Home Practice II

So one week in but still a few more to go...
The emphasis from all the experts seems to be on keeping active both physically and mentally, from regular exercise to focusing on a hobby. That's where us Taiji students are lucky - we already have an enjoyable pastime that keeps our interest, strengthens our immune system and keep us fit.
Consistent practice is the key to progress in your Taiji so to help here's the next installment of "Home Practice", brought to you by GM Chen Zhenglei (demonstration first then the tutorial begins around 15 mins)

Covid-19 Home Practice

As this crisis continues, it makes us all re-evaluate what is important in our lives. Health, well-being and family/friends are now our priority.
Through your long term commitment to our classes you have all been investing in your health and regular Taiji practice develops resilience in your mind and body which is more important now than ever.
With us all staying at home, we all have more time to spare, so make sure you use it productively to come out the other side stronger. As with neigong, it's about building and nurturing what you have got.
With this in mind and resources being stretched we don't want you to have to pay for online classes so we will keep you going with regular free tutorials.
To start with here are some loosening exercises courtesy of GM Chen Zhenglei as requested by Sylvia, Shell, Chris etc...

tai chi classes in Manchester, stockport and tameside

Tai Chi class at Whitworth Art Gallery ManchesterChen Tai Chi class at Reddish Community Centre Stockport

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