Meet Our Tai Chi Students

Over the years Jian Taiji have taught a wide variety of students at both public classes and organised groups. We asked some of them to comment on why they started Tai Chi and what keeps them coming. Below are their responses along with some photos of them in classes.

I’ve done quite a bit of tai chi with various teachers over the past twenty years and Janet and Ian are without a doubt up there with the best of them. They have in depth experience and ability which they pass on to their students in a very accessible, understandable, friendly and enthusiastic way. There’s no egos or pretensions here, just great teaching given humbly in the true spirit of the ancient art.

Ember - Denton West CC class

I love every lesson I go too,I get lots of satisfaction out of the teaching.Janet & Ian are perfectionists always making sure we are doing the moves correct.its nice to see more people joining the class.i never thought I was able to grasp tai chi but thanks to the tutors am heading in the right direction.
I been to a few other classes but believe me I came to this one can’t believe what Benefits I get out of it. I say this is the number one class if you want to learn tai chi.well done Ian & Janet for a fab teaching highly recommended.I get a buzz every time I attend a class I want to learn learn.

Maria - Reddish class


jian taiji tai chi class manchester tameside stockportI have had problems with my left hip for a few years, at times having to use a walking stick. Physiotherapy did not help much. Then I heard about the Tai Chi classes in Denton so decided to give it a try. I attend twice a week and find it very beneficial. The gentle exercise in a quiet friendly atmosphere not only helped my hip but my balance as I also suffer from vertigo. I no longer use the walking stick. I would recommend to anyone, any age. You're never too old to start, I am 77.

Peter - Denton West CC

Jian Taiji tai chi class manchester tameside stockportHaving danced & skated previously I was attracted to Tai Chi because of the graceful controlled movements. I have found Tai Chi to be an enjoyable, relaxing form of exercise with many benefits. Regular practice has helped me to maintain/improve my flexibility, balance, concentration and memory and in my everyday life helps with stress to allow me to remain calm and focused. I enjoy the challenge of developing the skills necessary for me to be able to perform the movements as controlled and gracefully as they are when demonstrated by the instructors. This requires perseverance but is well worth the effort.

Janice - St Stephen's School

I first came to Tai-Chi about 15 years ago. I attended a class run by Manchester Adult Ed which taught the short Yang form. I got to the end of the form (after a fashion) but the class closed down due to poor attendance. Having young children at the time, I couldn't find another class which fit in with the family routine.
I came to Jian Taiji by happy accident really. I had been having a bad time physically feeling generally run down, over-weight and depressed. I was just passing Reddish Library and noticed the banner outside and was looking at the class times when Linda button-holed me and gave me the hard-sell! I didn't need much convincing, I'd been idly looking for a class for some time and this one ticked all the boxes.
Jian Taiji suits me 'down to the ground'. Ian and Janet are friendly, welcoming, extremely knowledgeable and experienced teachers. The classes are relaxed and informal and you work at your own pace. Being a husband/ wife or (wife/husband - sorry Janet!) teaching team is a great benefit in that there is always a teacher performing the various movements on whom you can model your own efforts. This leaves one of them free to circulate among the pupils and give individual advice according to your own special needs. I would say that Jian Taiji is unique in this approach. I like the way you are constantly refining the earlier movements so it never becomes stale and repetitive. Taiji is like peeling an onion - there is always another layer - always another question! The classes are well-structured with both warm-up and warm-down routines so there is never any danger that you can do any damage to yourself and the hour just flies by!
Since starting with Jian Taiji the benefits experienced have been startling. My energy levels have soared. Because of this my daily physical activity has increased enabling me to get back on the bike and I have lost more than 10kg in weight since coming to the class. (Not to mention saving a fortune in diesel!) My general mood/ outlook has brightened considerably. I now have tangible strategies that I can tap into on a daily basis to keep me well and once you start to feel the Chi moving, it's like a drug - you just want to keep doing it! My advice to anybody reading this who may be thinking about giving Jian Taiji a try is quite simple. Stop Thinking - Just Do It!
John - Reddish CC

jian taiji tai chi class manchester tameside stockport

I joined the Denton Tai Chi class in 2013, it's a very friendly class and Ian and Janet are very patient and encouraging and I really look forward to going. I feel that Tai Chi helps me with my anxiety and I always feel much better when I have been to class.

Sharon - Denton West CC

jian taiji tai chi class manchester tameside stockportI started going to Tai Chi classes to please my daughter (she seemed to think I was in need of some exercise) much to my surprise I really enjoyed it. I now go to two classes a week. I don't always get the movements right but there is no pressure, Janet and Ian are reassuring it will come right in time. I leave each class feeling very calm and looking forward to the next lesson.

Anne - Denton West and St Hilda's

I am in my 70's and Tai Chi has helped me to keep active and improved my confidence. The exercises are easy to learn and progress to a sequence of movements which help with balance, relaxation and memory.

Sylvia - Denton West class

jian taiji tai chi class manchester tameside stockport

I enjoy the Tai Chi class. It has a friendly atmosphere. The warm up exercises and routine help keep your joints moving, it is a relaxing way to keep fit. It is also enjoyable.
Mary - St Stephen's School

I'd had it in mind to try tai chi for years before I actually did so. Having now attended classes for over six months, it's an important part of my life as I aim, yet again, for the centred control and flowing movements that are so much a part of this art. It doesn't matter what I'm worried about, or even if I am very tired; the intense 'in the moment' experience of tai chi means that I end up refreshed both physically and mentally, and calmer emotionally. It's this deeply grounded stability and mindfulness that brings me back week after week.
Susan - St Stephen's School

jian taiji tai chi class manchester tameside stockport

I have been attending Ian and Jan's TAI CHI classes in Reddish for nearly a year and find it has helped my overall fitness and has greatly improved my balance and I would recommend it for all ages.

Adam - Reddish CC

I became interested in martial arts at the age of 12 & started Karate at about 18. I continued various styles of Karate reaching a Black belt and fought in many competitions including national championships and against other styles.
During this period in the 1970's I got a book called MOVING ZEN which was about someones experience in Japan learning Karate and this bring me to the first mention of Tai Chi. A few masters of Tai Chi visited the Japanese headquarters and styed with other Karateka's and whilst with them showed them some of their moves but interestingly they also hit some of the wooden posts in the building with their force and caused the building to shake which I now know to be FAJIN using their Chi.
After many years of Karate I gave up due to the exertions caused by the sports in older age (+black eye in a contest in my late 40s). So I was looking out for something new and saw the Tai Chi advert a few years ago and to keep up my martial art history. Also the other main reason is the health advantages which I have learnt with many years of Martial Arts is that with all the breathing techniques and exercise are good for your joints/heart etc. The movements are also good for balance and use both sides of your body. Along with a good diet there is no better exercise for long term health development.
I am 62 next and consider myself healthy fit and strong due to a continuation with Tai Chi. If you see the Old Chinese Tai Chi exponents in the parks in China there are many in their 80's still training and keeping fit. I REST MY CASE
Alan - St Stephen's School

Tai Chi class for New Charter Housing staff

Thanks very much to you and Ian for conducting such a professional and enjoyable session - it could not have been better!

Joseph Lee
Organisational Development Business Partner New Charter Housing 

I really enjoyed today’s Tai Chi session, and so did the group. In fact they are not keen on trying anyone else. Apparently some chair-based exercise uses ‘props’ such as resistance bands and these are not too great for many of the group, some have disabilities and some have had a stroke, and holding on to things would be difficult.

Jane Bramley

Project Worker, Link East Good Neighbours, 4CT Limited

Many thanks again for putting on such an excellent taster session yesterday! I fully enjoyed myself and definitely felt the health benefits from just your 1hr session! I was so relaxed and calm that I almost fell asleep when I returned to the office. I certainly feel a lot more revitalised and will continue practising when I can!
I thought that you both conducted the session extremely well - you both made everyone feel at ease and gave the participants some knowledge on relaxing and reducing stress levels.

Johnson Liu
Zest Hub Co-ordinator, Zest Healthy Living Network, Community and Cultural Services, Manchester City Council,

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