Taiji for Kids

In recent years schools have been encouraged to introduce their pupils to varied types of sports to expand their view of fitness and health. In China children have been taught Taiji for decades and it is growing in popularity in schools in the West as it has been found to be very beneficial to help them develop -

  • Self discipline
  • Concentration
  • Confidence
  • Body awareness and co-ordination
  • Self achievement
  • Fitness and flexibility


At Jian Taiji we are experienced Tai Chi teachers who have successfully taught at a number of schools in and around Manchester. We have worked with students ranging from reception class up to Year 9 along with young adults with learning difficulties and have found that Taiji is inclusive of all levels of ability and fitness and appeals to both girls and boys.

Taiji is a gentle but effective and fun way to encourage activity in a non competitive way. It uses flowing circular movements and simple breathing techniques and at the advanced stages is an effective form of self defence. The school program we have developed incorporates both slow and fast exercises, using fun techniques to engage children's imaginations. It also includes aspects of Chinese culture and introduces them to some basic Mandarin.


Tai Chi class for children at Manchester Primary School

Outdoor fun at a Manchester Primary School

Children of all ages practising in Chenjiagou Village, the birthplace of Chen Taiji


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