Covid - A Historical Record

Covid was an unprecedented time when we all had to adapt to a new way of living, this is a record of how we managed to keep our Taiji training up and school going as teachers and students...

Thank you all for your support during this time

Group Taiji back - Spring 21!

What fantastic weather we had this week to help welcome everyone back to group classes

Thanks for joining us and thanks to Green Fingers Debdale and Debdale Nature Centre for their wonderful spaces

outdoor taii manchester Jian Taijioutdoor taiji manchester Jian Taiji


Covid-19 Home/Park Practice XIV (Sept 2020)

Back indoors for some after six months
It was great to see even more of you back on your Taiji path and sounds like you had missed us as much as we had missed you from all your happy comments about returning to class.
Ron summed this up perfectly with this lovely message... "Ian/Jan, credit to a well organised class last night and teaching lesson. Fully enjoyed it, Two professionals, c u Monday and thanks" ... Nice one Ron
Thanks again everybody and see you next week

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Covid-19 Home/Park Practice XVIII (Sept 2020)

While it's been back to school for many this week, in Taiji we should aim to be eternal students.
Rounded learning in Taiji has two sides - theory and practice.
We have been busy adding a mix of articles to our website from the likes of Chen Zhenglei, Feng Zhiqiang, Zhu Tiancai.. so have a read and take that theory and introduce it to your practice


Covid-19 Home/Park Practice XVII (Jul 2020)

Our round two candidates stepped up this week with the next blocks of outdoor group classes off to a flying start.
All enjoying plenty of space, fresh air and especially the indepth instruction possible in a small group (heartening to see Andrew staying behind after class to repeat, repeat, repeat)
Thanks again, more of the same next week

tai chi taiji outdoor class manchester stockport tamesidetai chi taiji outdoor class manchester stockport tamesidetai chi taiji outdoor class manchester stockport tamesidetai chi taiji outdoor class manchester stockport tamesidetai chi taiji outdoor class manchester stockport tamesidetai chi taiji outdoor class manchester stockport tameside

Covid-19 Home/Park Practice XVI (Jul 2020)

Lucky us and a big thank you to Reddish North End FC for offering us the use of their all weather pitch for some of our group classes.
This has many pluses including privacy, parking and plenty of space to spread out along with a quality surface to train on...
Our first group class will be starting there next Mon 20th July at 11:15am and, like our Debdale Park groups, will be limited to 5 students and booked in blocks of 4 sessions for continuity and safety.
Contact us ASAP to book your place

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Covid-19 Home/Park Practice XV (Jul 2020)

Shiny new addition to our training space - a large mirror to see your Taiji frame
When we can get back to teaching 1 to 1's in here as well as parks or our patio, we can use it to visually show you points to work on - the next best thing to our usual hands on adjustments in the current climate

Taiji tai chi classes manchester tameside stockport

Covid-19 Home/Park Practice XIV (Jun 2020)

Great to get back to teaching groups again on Friday after 3 months
- even if the weather wasn't on our side
So a big thank you to everyone who came and joined us, we really appreciate the support and it shows Taiji builds resilience
Here's the determination and Manchester spirit showing on the faces of Debbie, Ember, Bob, Bernard, Stevan, Djamel and Andrew, and not forgetting Dave, Dot and Janis who managed to avoid the media attention (we're not sure if they're on the run or just vampires)
See you all again next week

chen tai chi classes manchester tameside stockportchen tai chi classes manchester tameside stockportchen tai chi manchester tameside stockportchen tai chi classes manchester tameside stockport

Covid-19 Home/Park Practice XIII (Jun 2020)

MORE GOOD NEWS as we are starting some small outdoor group Taiji sessions
(hopefully now the late night calls, pleading messages and begging letters will stop... )
The plan is:

Max 5 students per session as per guidelines

Pre-booked blocks of 4 lessons to create class 'bubbles' for everyone's safety

Plenty of fresh air and social distancing


Initially we are looking at running these at Debdale Park as it's a midpoint to our regular venues but are open to location suggestions (numbers permitting).

So please email us to register your interest and availability. If you are currently enjoying our 1 to 1 sessions then please let us know if you would like to continue these, and/or join a group.


Look forward to seeing more of you soon

outdoor tai chi taiji classes manchester, tameside, stockport


Covid-19 Home/Park Practice XII (May 2020)

Great to get back to teaching this week.
Thanks to everyone who came out to play with us in the park, it was good to see your familiar faces again...
...and we're looking forward to catching up with even more of you next week for lots of spiral driven, sun drenched, socially distanced 1 to 1 Taiji.
Only a couple of slots left for next week so get in touch to join us

outdoor taiji tai chi class manchester, tameside, stockport

Covid-19 Home Practice XI (May 2020)

GOOD NEWS for you eager students who have been in contact sorely missing your regular training with us - the change in guidelines that came into force yesterday means that we can now safely offer outdoor 1:1 sessions

A great chance to work on those Taiji queries a video can't solve. As GM Chen Zhenglei states on learning Taiji "looking at the video or book every day, all you get from this is only the external form. You won't get the inner essences. You still need the teacher's guidance."

So one of you, with one of us, in a park. with social distancing, the sun shining and to top it off we'll throw in a 20% discount on our usual rate - outdoors made even more appealing! So no 2 metre queueing required, just contact us to book your session and we look forward to seeing you again

Tai chi classes in manchester, tameside and stockport

Covid-19 Home Practice X (May 2020)

An important part of your Home Practice is not only going through the physical routines but being clear on the requirements and the way forward.
As well as remembering and acting on the individual advice/adjustments that we pass on to you, it can help to be guided by others who are further along the Taiji path.
So widen your view and take advantage of the rounded selection of articles we have on our website, including a couple of new additions, so put your feet up, relax and enjoy (after your regular practice of course)

Click here to have a look

Covid-19 Home Practice IX (May 2020)

Know that a lot of you were really looking foward to the Master Wang workshop planned for 13th May. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, this will have to be postponed... however to keep you going, Master Wang has kindly sent us a couple of pictures of his "Home Practice" with his two daughters yesterday to inspire you in your "Home Practice".
We can see a great Taiji family legacy in the making as the result of their fathers daily teaching is evident to see - wish we could move in!
So keep up with your daily Taiji in readiness for the new workshop date and remember to keep your photos coming in

Master Wang Haijun home practice - Wang Haijun -

Covid-19 Home Practice VIII (Apr 2020)

With your Taiji skills so finely tuned from all this extra time on your "Home Practice", you're probably ready for your next challenge... how about this...?

Covid-19 Home Practice VI (Apr 2020)

It's Sunday... it's 10am,'s time for Maria's Lockdown Challenge... good luck
Maria posted this challenge to our Facebook page:
"Hi everyone, Here is my images of myself practicing Tai chi during these recent weeks at home.
In doing so I nominate you all to share your images practicing Tai chi during isolation.
To show both Ian an Janet how much we appreciate our classes with them even if we can’t all be together right now.
Also a great way to support each other as students"

Covid-19 Home Practice V (Apr 2020)

We're really enthused to hear from so many of you about how your Taiji practice is continuing in these tough times.
Djamel and Maria have even kindly sent us proof of their daily routine...
They have inspired us to set up a gallery of your "Home Practice" pics as a testament to your committment and we'd love to have more of you represented so please send us your snaps (Taiji only, not passport or worse...!)

Look forward to seeing your contributions

Covid-19 Home Practice IV (Apr 2020)

As the weather improves, it allows for more outdoor Taiji practice, garden permitting
So to continue with your "Home Practice" here is a sword tutorial from GM Chen Zhenglei (demo starts at 10:30 mins with instruction after)
Performed expansively this will also help with hedge trimming and pruning so a doubly good use of your time...
Daily practice = body fitter, mind stronger

Covid-19 Home Practice III (Apr 2020)

Staying indoors means less space for your Taiji practice, but according to the people of the Chen village if you have enough space for a cow to lie down you have enough space to train Chen Taiji (real cow not needed, use your imagination)
You can work on your silk reeling, you can take either single movements or small sections of the form and repeat to better understand them. This is referred to as zhao - to research, as Tain Jinmiao says " To learn the movements of a taolu (form) is easy, but to do it right and to do it well is not easy... that is, to understand the complexities and right execution of each movement."
So to get you started here is Master Wang again to take you through single hand silk reeling, the foundation exercise


Covid-19 Home Practice II (Mar 2020)

So one week in but still a few more to go...
The emphasis from all the experts seems to be on keeping active both physically and mentally, from regular exercise to focusing on a hobby. That's where us Taiji students are lucky - we already have an enjoyable pastime that keeps our interest, strengthens our immune system and keep us fit.
Consistent practice is the key to progress in your Taiji so to help here's the next installment of "Home Practice", brought to you by GM Chen Zhenglei (demonstration first then the tutorial begins around 15 mins)

Covid-19 Home Practice (Mar 2020)

As this crisis continues, it makes us all re-evaluate what is important in our lives. Health, well-being and family/friends are now our priority.
Through your long term commitment to our classes you have all been investing in your health and regular Taiji practice develops resilience in your mind and body which is more important now than ever.
With us all staying at home, we all have more time to spare, so make sure you use it productively to come out the other side stronger. As with neigong, it's about building and nurturing what you have got.
With this in mind and resources being stretched we don't want you to have to pay for online classes so we will keep you going with regular free tutorials.
To start with here are some loosening exercises courtesy of GM Chen Zhenglei as requested by Sylvia, Shell, Chris etc...

During lockdown, we asked for proof of practice and here is a selection of those who kindly obliged...


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