About Our Tai Chi Classes

At Jian Taiji we like to keep our classes informal and relaxed to make the learning experience more enjoyable.


We do not require elaborate titles but we do start and end each Tai Chi class with the Taiji Salute which signifies mutual respect among peers learning together in friendship.

We explain all the exercises we do as well as answer any questions to aid understanding. We ensure we give individual instruction and adjustments along with general class descriptions.

We emphasise the foundation Taiji principles to enable students to gain skills with substance (gongfu) and not just an empty lifeless "dance", so we encourage students to practise between classes to reinforce their learning. Help is available with the free videos provided here and optional books/DVD's on sale here

 There are no contracts or membership fees but we offer reduced class prices if you commit to regular attendance and pay monthly.

We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and can get the most out of every class, so here are some common sense guidelines for class behaviour -
  • Please try to arrive a few minutes before the class start time, but if you are delayed please enter quietly so disruption for others is kept to a minimum
  • Please do not eat or chew during class - not only is this a potential choking risk but it stops you from relaxing
  • Please be considerate of those stood near you and try not to block each others view
  • Please remember loose lips and concentration slips - chatting during explanations/Q & A is a learning opportunity missed for both you and those around you
So basically the overall message is to please treat the class environment and other students with the respect and courtesy that you would like for yourself

Tai Chi salute used in each class

Chen Family Code of Ethics

For those more traditionally minded, here are the traditional Chen family Taijiquan Rules and Codes of Ethics.
As these are all good attributes to aspire to, please feel free to follow these as well...

Twelve Core Tenets

  1. Properness
  2. Respect
  3. Justice
  4. Honesty
  5. Kindness
  6. Righteousness
  7. Nobility
  8. Courage
  9. Fidelity
  10. Trustworthiness
  11. Sincerity
  12. Morality


Twenty "Do Nots"

  1. Do not bully others with power
  2. Do not fear the powerful and bully the weak
  3. Do not fear danger and do help others in danger
  4. Do not engage in unethical actions
  5. Do not take advantage of the opposite sex
  6. Do not boast
  7. Do not perform for profit in the streets
  8. Do not organise or join gangs
  9. Do not waste or wander around
  10. Do not self gloat
  11. Do not compete with rascals
  12. Do not argue with the ignorant
  13. Do not be snobby
  14. Do not take unjustified wealth
  15. Do not over indulge in alcohol or sex
  16. Do not dishonour personal or public debt
  17. Do not profit by sacrificing public interest
  18. Do not long for high official ranking and incentives
  19. Do not betray your country
  20. Do not reliquish your practice


Twelve Forbidden Behaviours

  1. Evil behaviour
  2. Unethical behaviour
  3. Rascal behaviour
  4. Cunning behaviour
  5. Over Indulging behavior
  6. Cheating behaviour
  7. Arrogant behaviour
  8. Despicable behaviour
  9. Deceiving behaviour
  10. Dishonest behaviour
  11. Gloating behaviour
  12. Vicious behaviour

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Why choose Jian Taiji?

At Jian Taiji classes there are 2 fully qualified instructors who have been studying Chen Tai Chi since 1996. We offer progressive learning in a friendly atmosphere to improve each students individual level of ability regardless of age or fitness.

Check out our class timetable to find a class near you.

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Chen Wangting founder of Chen Tai Chi


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