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Jian Taiji co-instructors Ian and Janet have been exclusively studying the Chen family style of Taijiquan since 1996 and have both been awarded instructors certificates from the Wenxian Research Institute of Taijiquan by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. They are members of AMAA and have competed successfully at national and international level.

Jian Taiji - Traditional Chen Tai Chi classes in Manchester, Tameside and Stockport

Early on in their taiji development they had the good fortune to be able to train with a number of senior Chen family Grandmasters in small group sessions. Seeing this level of skill and martial ability inspired them to apply themselves even harder to their own training and this lead to their first trip to China to train at the source in 1997. They became fascinated with the philosophy, history and depth of wisdom behind this pure internal art that had been passed down through the generations of one family. Through regular practice they found enjoyment in the challenge of learning Taijiquan and a sense of achievement as they progressed. They attended Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei's 1st International Advanced Chen Taijiquan Training Camp in Hebei Province in 1999 and continue to train with GM Cheng Zhenglei on his regular visits to the UK.

Wang Haijun with Jian Taiji teachers Ian and Janet

Their current and long term teacher is Master Wang Haijun, a senior indoor student of GM Chen Zhenglei, who they first met in 1997 while visiting his school in Zhengzhou. When he moved to Manchester, England in 2001 they began to train with him intensively on a weekly basis and continue to train with him regularly. His hands on traditional teaching style focuses on instilling the foundation skills and principles of Chen Taijiquan into the body before introducing more advanced forms and techniques. Janet and Ian follow this teaching method and ensure that their student's learning is progressive and individuals are taught at their own pace.

The Chen family has produced many highly skilled masters and during their studies, Janet and Ian have trained with leading figures such as:

  • Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei - Officially declared one of the top 10 martial artists in China by the Chinese Government
  • Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang - Current standard bearer of the Chen family
  • Master Wang Haijun - Chen Zhenglei's closest indoor senior student
  • Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai - One of the 'Four Tigers' of Chen style
  • Chen Xiao Bin - Eldest son of Chen Zhenglei


Ian also holds a Certificate in Training Practice from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. For details of the groups and organisations we have provided Tai Chi sessions for, please see our classes page.

For an overview of Chen Taiji and our school, please have a look at this article

Celebrating 25 years of Jian Taiji

1996 - 2021


Highlights of our Training

25 years of training chen tai chi Jian Taiji25 years of training chen tai chi Jian Taiji
25 years of training chen tai chi Jian Taiji25 years of training chen tai chi Jian Taiji

Passing on the Skill

25 years of training chen tai chi Jian Taiji25 years of training chen tai chi Jian Taiji classes
25 years of training chen tai chi Jian Taiji classes25 years of training chen tai chi Jian Taiji classes

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Jian Taiji?

At Jian Taiji classes there are 2 fully qualified instructors who have been studying Chen Tai Chi since 1996. We offer progressive learning in a friendly atmosphere with personal feedback and corrrections to improve each students individual level of ability regardless of age or fitness.

Check out our class timetable to find a class near you.

Ian and Janet Murray with GM Chen Zhenglei in China (1999)

Ian and Janet Murray with GM Chen Zhenglei in China (1999)

Wang Haijun and Janet training in Manchester

Regular individual instruction with Master Wang Haijun

Manchester Tai Chi demonstration by Ian

Ian demonstrating at the East Manchester Games


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